Møreforsking (MF) is the largest non-profit regional institute in Norway, with offices in Ålesund, Molde, and Kristiansund. The institute conducts applied research on topics related to marine- and social sciences, transport economy, and logistics. The institute is interdisciplinary and supplies research reflecting both international, national, and regional priority areas.

The ITTI Studio Team developed websites for three different scientific projects that Møreforsking is developing:

  • North Atlantic Network on Sustainable Holothurian Technology and Innovation - www.holosustain.no
  • Integrated Multitrophic Aquaculture For Sustainable and Safe Food Production - www.safer-imta.com
  • Sustainable Ingredients from Cultivated Kelp to the Food Industry - www.suskelpfood.com
Software development
Website design
Logo design
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Web design for Suskelp Food

Webdesign for Safer-IMTA

Logo Design for Safer-IMTA and Holosustain

Content Management Systems with Library for scientific publications

Software solutions for the project

Shared by our customers

The cooperation with Studio ITTI on the building and maintenance of the website of our project (connected to marine biology!:)) was extremely pleasant, from the beginning to the end.  It was easy to discuss and not many explanations were necessary, although our scientific topic is very specific. 

The execution of our needs was highly professional! I will not hesitate to collaborate again with Studio ITTI on another project in the future if such an opportunity arises!

Dr. Miroslava Atanassova, PhDProject Manager / Senior Scientist Biotechnology @ Møreforsking AS

Throughout our collaboration with Studio ITTI, they have demonstrated an excellent understanding of our needs and goals, and dedication to deliver high-quality results. I recommend Studio ITTI to anyone seeking professional and reliable website development services.

Linn Kristin Akslen-HoelResearch Director @ Moreforsking AS
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