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DECIBEL is a Bulgarian engineering and production company, founded in 2012. in Sofia. Today, DECIBEL is one of the major manufacturers of noise insulation and acoustic solutions, available in over 42 countries worldwide.
Our joint work began in 2012 with the creation of a logo for the company and a website. Over the years, the digital solutions developed by the ITTI Studio team developed in parallel with the growth of the company and its successful presentation on the international market.
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Full content control in 11 languages for markets in 12 countries, CRM, interactive graphics, SEO tools.

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We have been working with the ITTI team since far back in 2012, when we first contacted them and described, rather vaguely, our idea of how our first site should look and what functions it should have. Since then, ITTI has done 3 major rebranding of our website, which were extremely complex and time-consuming, given our huge portfolio and variety of services.
Currently, our site has 11 language versions, responsive design, functions to receive customer inquiries on each product page, interactive graphics, the ability to collect a customer database in the Back-End and a bunch of other extras that make it functional, but along with that and aligned with the trends for the best user experience. Their vision for design, style, and functionality earns the trust of our customers and positive feedback from future partners or employees that our site is made very professionally and impressively. Speaking of design, I should point out that Studio ITTI are the authors of many of the complex schematics, renderings, and product images on our site. We owe them some of our best animated videos showcasing our products on AMAZON.
Last but not least, I must express my admiration and gratitude for the creation of our logo (and also several product logos) more than 12 years ago, which is still unchanged and still as relevant today.
I would like to express my sincere appreciation to the ITTI Studio team, because their work has never disappointed us and always exceeds our expectations.
After the countless, non-standard and complex tasks completed together, ITTI has become our faithful and indispensable partner on the way to the international business scene.
It is our honour and pleasure to be your customers!

Diana NedkovaCo-founder & Managing Partner @ Decibel PLC
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