Red Points Printing House

Red Points Printing House offers the full range of services and activities needed for your outdoor and indoor advertising since 2003. Since then, we have been working together. Over the years, the company's website has undergone several editions - always guided by the idea of precision and minimalism.
Along with the site, Studio ITTI also develops a complete system for managing the processes in the printing house.
Software development
Website design
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Website design

Content Management System and Business Process Management Platform

Software solutions for the project

Shared by our customers

Since 2004 I haven't stop being amazed how this magic happens! You explain to some people, simply put, the things you need to make your daily work a tad easier and more efficient. They look with understanding, ask (it turns out) the right questions, then disappear for a month or two, then ask questions again, and ... One fine day, you turn on the computer, and there it is. That thing you wonder how you ever worked without. Some websites, some ERP platforms (is that what our software is called?), always brand new, or so good that you use them for 15 years and never stop wondering how good they are!
Wizards! Studio ITTI! Thanks for the magic!

Kamen PetrovCEO @ Red Points

Incredible professionalism, extremely accurate questions, always as helpful as possible. You can't even believe how they manage to get the right and correct information from you so that you finally get the right decision. They are very easy to work with and with a smile :-) :-) :-)

Dimi IvanovaClients Manager @ Red Points
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