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In 2020, the ITTI Studio team developed a completely new website for Nelbo - a heat accountant in 8 cities and the third largest in terms of market share in the country. Main task - to present the company adequately to the quality of the service they offer.
In addition to an up-to-date vision, numerous interactive services were developed for the site for Nelbo's customers - customer portal, online payments, SEO and others.
We are currently working on the next version of the site, which will offer Nelbo customers an even better user experience and new services.
Software development
Website design
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Software development

ITTI Studio develops a cloud-based platform that covers all business processes of the heat accountant: Front Desk solution, field work, data entry and processing, preparation of monthly, annual and equalization accounts, radio reporting of data, tracking the validity period of devices, document flow, etc.

Software solutions for the project

Shared by our customers

Nelbo AD uses the services of Studio ITTI from 2020 to today. During this period, we have built a strong and long-lasting business relationship in which we have worked on numerous projects in the field of web design and development and implementation of specialized software for our activities. The company's team combines high quality and professionalism with excellent customer contact. Their precision and competence helped us in solving a number of complex cases related to digitization and optimization of various work processes. Studio ITTI always take into account our individual requirements and the specific situation for each task — graphic web solutions, design and programming, database connection, project management. The results of the work of the ITTI team prove their creativity, responsibility and their in-depth look at the tasks.

Boryana KolevaCEO @ Nelbo Plc
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