Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Systems

ITTI Studio develops different in nature and complexity multi-component software systems, that help businesses automate processes to accelerate their activities and growth:

  • Production management — information systems for personnel management and task performance tracking; results measurement, advertising and subscription campaigns reporting, customer management, etc.
  • Overall management of the work process — filing an order; selection of materials and activities; bidding; timelines; coverage of activities in different workplaces; order finalization; inventory and cash flow tracking; inquiries by various criteria at warehouse level; employees; financial results, etc.
  • Tracking field work — some activities require employees to perform work outside the office. The systems we develop enable, through convenient interfaces, work via phone or tablet, automated measurement, recording and sending of data to the base;
  • Booking systems for various processes;
  • Customer Relationship Management;
  • Business inquiries and data analysis.

Process management platform for heat accounting

Defining, structuring and programming processes for:

  • input, import/export of data from/to various sources; data processing according to various formulas; data analysis; rules and tools for validation and error prevention;
  • preparation of monthly and annual reports, balancing accounts;
  • management of documents from different sources — synchronization with customer profiles; automated sending; tracking deadlines;
  • creation of team work schedules and reservation system;
  • field work via phone or tablet — convenient interfaces; automated measuring, capturing and sending of data; coverage of activities; preparation of documents;
  • mailing system for communication with different groups of customers and employees;
  • connectivity with the Client Portal to the website — detailed customer profiles; accounts; history; review and submission of documents; statistics etc.
  • data analysis and inquiries according to various criteria;

Process management platform for printing houses

Complete management of the workflow in a printing house:

  • nomenclatures of materials; machines; activities; employees; customers
  • filing an order — choosing materials and activities;
  • bidding — determination of prices and timelines;
  • coverage of activities in different workplaces;
  • order finalization;
  • monitoring deadlines, stocks and cash flows;
  • inquiries by various criteria at warehouse level; employees; financial result, etc.

Software for activity management at automotive and industrial tire companies

  • Management of the production of retreaded tires;
  • Tire Hotel;
  • Tire service booking system;

Shared by our customers

Nelbo AD uses the services of Studio ITTI from 2020 to today. During this period, we have built a strong and long-lasting business relationship in which we have worked on numerous projects in the field of web design and development and implementation of specialized software for our activities. The company's team combines high quality and professionalism with excellent customer contact. Their precision and competence helped us in solving a number of complex cases related to digitization and optimization of various work processes. Studio ITTI always take into account our individual requirements and the specific situation for each task — graphic web solutions, design and programming, database connection, project management. The results of the work of the ITTI team prove their creativity, responsibility and their in-depth look at the tasks.

Boryana KolevaCEO @ Nelbo Plc

Since 2004 I haven't stop being amazed how this magic happens! You explain to some people, simply put, the things you need to make your daily work a tad easier and more efficient. They look with understanding, ask (it turns out) the right questions, then disappear for a month or two, then ask questions again, and ... One fine day, you turn on the computer, and there it is. That thing you wonder how you ever worked without. Some websites, some ERP platforms (is that what our software is called?), always brand new, or so good that you use them for 15 years and never stop wondering how good they are!
Wizards! Studio ITTI! Thanks for the magic!

Kamen PetrovCEO @ Red Points

Incredible professionalism, extremely accurate questions, always as helpful as possible. You can't even believe how they manage to get the right and correct information from you so that you finally get the right decision. They are very easy to work with and with a smile :-) :-) :-)

Dimi IvanovaClients Manager @ Red Points

The professional assistance of Studio ITTI in the design of the functionalities of the information system under the project “Delivery and commissioning of a Web-based management system for a virtualization platform” was extremely important for us. An effectively planned development process enabled the system to be operational within the specified time frame.
The services provided by Studio ITTI in the field of Internet technologies, programming of information systems and complex web-based software solutions cover all levels: involvement in the process of discussing ideas, consulting, designing and developing a complete product. The work performed is characterized by competence and professionalism.
The management and employees of EVOLINK AD had the opportunity to be in constant contact with the Studio ITTI specialists. During the implementation of the project, communication was at an excellent level. We rely on their adequate reaction at any moment and in the process of operation — the commitments made for warranty maintenance are fulfilled strictly and with exceptional time management. They manage to create a feeling of calmness at work and full commitment to our current tasks.

Svetoslav HristovCo-Fouder & Chairman of the board @ EVOLINK