Peer-to-Peer Marketplace for holiday properties

Arendoo is a Peer-to-Peer Marketplace of a community of travellers and property owners, where owners can offer and renters can search and rent holiday and city properties in Europe. Arendoo connects owners and renters from all over Europe and enables communication between them in a multilingual environment.

The platform is based on cutting-edge IT solutions that create a secure and efficient environment for international payments.

Solution for owners of holiday properties

Arendoo offers an intuitive environment for showcasing holiday properties through whcih you can:

  • Manage one or more properties and reach out to guests from all over Europe;
  • Manage a calendar of vacancies and prices;
  • Accept or decline bookings;
  • Synchronize bookings with and;
  • Communicate directly with the guests during the booking process;
  • Receive secure payments via e-wallet & escrow account.


Platform for direct online bookings

  • A catalogue of detailed descriptions of holday properties from different destinations;
  • Intuitive map searches; saving the search history;
  • Filters by various criteria;
  • Personal profile, secure information storage;
  • Connection with the property owner during the booking process;
  • Simplified payment after check-in;
  • Variety of offers directly to your inbox.

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