Software for Educational Institutions & Online Testing Platform

SCHOLEO is a modern school management software. SCHOLEO is a complex web-based tool — it supports the teachers' work in class and during lesson preparation; it inspires the students; engages the parents; facilitates the administration and gives management a complete picture of the day-to-day work at all levels.

The e-Learning online testing platform is suitable for schools, universities, companies that conduct training and anyone who needs to perform reliable tests.

The combination of these two platforms is a complete cloud-based digital solution for modern educational institutions.

Administration and Management Module

  • Online School Application,
  • Extracurricular forms of learning and summer school.
  • Processing the documents of accepted students,
  • Complete tracking of all data throughout the years of study.
  • Parents' data;
  • Automated drafting of contracts
  • Payment tracking.
  • Teacher database;
  • Tracking of teaching hours;
  • Meetings and trainings.

Modules Learning activities

  • Curriculum development
  • Schedule for classrooms, duty shifts
  • Extracurricular activities and summer school program
  • Detailed description of the curriculum by subjects
  • Grade tracking across different grading systems, absences, homework
  • Organization of daily activities
  • Exchange of information between students and teachers

Portal for students and parents

  • Personalized login
  • Detailed information about the curriculum, the learning process and the extracurricular activities
  • Convenient connection with teachers and management
  • Online homework
  • Booking system for parent-teacher meetings
  • Access to an online library
  • School events calendar
  • Student health records with emphasis on specific health aspects
  • Simplified communication of parents with the school psychologist and the medical person in the school
  • Secure storage of specific sensitive information

Portal for teachers

  • Daily teacher dashboard — all tasks for the day and curriculum
  • Convenient work in class — noting the lesson taught, absences, grades, remarks, homework
  • Tools for lesson planning and presentations, midterm and annual student assessment
  • Automated link setting for virtual classroom and online teaching
  • Online receipt of student homework, checking and grading
  • Teacher meetings and trainings schedule
  • System for parent-teacher meetings

Platform for online tests

  • Suitable for schools, universities, companies that conduct trainings and anyone who needs to conduct reliable tests.
  • Covers the requirements for defining all question types and different scoring systems;
  • A database of various topics, grouped by age, related to specific textbooks and study aids;
  • Defining tests of different types;
  • Ability to preview a test before activation;
  • Personalized links for each student/examiner and teacher/examiner;
  • Data storage of completed tests;
  • The accumulated results can be processed according to certain criteria and provide different statistics.

Mailing system

  • Group or individual sending of e-mail to different groups of recipients — teachers, parents, students
  • Generating different types of emails from teachers and the administration
  • Email receipt tracking

Extracurricular activities and Summer School

  • Preparation of program and schedules
  • Online application and enrolment of students
  • Visits and payments tracking

Shared by our customers

As a school leader, the platform is user-friendly and allows me to access whatever I need to help with the smooth administration of the school.

Monitoring of planning, tests, grades, reports, payments, and attendance is made easy. I can also easily find information about the events taking place in the school, plan and record teacher training, make performance management more interactive, check information shared with parents or pupils, and have information about parents and pupils to hand.

Being able to send bespoke individual and group emails for parents, pupils, or staff and use the parent-teacher reservation system for meetings makes communication very easy and transparent.

I like that I have one dynamic place that stores everything for me.

Matthew OsbornHeadmaster @ British School of Sofia