Price Reporting Agency (PRA) platforms

Since 2003, ITTI Studio team has been developing online platforms for the Price Reporting Agency (PRA), specialized in providing news on market movements and reference prices for various sectors of the economy — fuels, energy, metallurgy, steel mining and processing, agricultural production and others.

The software solution we offer is the basis on which companies perform a complex set of business operations:

  • recruitment of sources of information (data feeders), organization in information arrays,
  • performing analyses and predictive calculations, preparing own news and assessments;
  • automated submission of the resulting data to the information market and to reputable information agencies (Bloomberg);
  • customer relationship management — creation of customized reports with different focus, sales, advertising;
  • personnel management and cash flow control system.

Customer portal

  • Customized profiles;
  • Access to news articles based on interest expressed;
  • Interactive diagrams representing information arrays;
  • Possibility to define different reports and financial data analyses in a clear, flexible, and intuitive fashion;


Back End

  • Effective and efficient database;
  • Real-time and historical price data and commercial information;
  • Convenient tools for preparing various newsletters and reports;
  • CRM system for customer profile management;
  • Defining different customer groups and subscription types;
  • Marketing tools;
  • Mailing system for sending customized newsletters, reports, and messages;
  • Statistics and data analyses.

Shared by our customers

Dear Studio ITTI team,

As of today, our system is officially a commercial success, and we would like to extend our sincere appreciation to your team and company for the superb work over the past 2 years.

It has been a pleasure working with ITTI. The service has always been very professional and the dealings with personnel have been pleasant and efficient. It is always exciting working with a company that is willing to go that extra mile and provide assistance in those unique circumstances.

May we take this opportunity to wish Studio ITTI much success in the future.

Patrick FlockhartGeneral Manager @ Steel Business Briefing Ltd.