Cloud-based Research & Analysis Software

The ITTI Studio team has developed a cloud-based research and analysis software, which has been working successfully for 10 years. The functional capabilities cover all aspects of the activities of agencies which conduct surveys and sociological and marketing research.

From defining complex questionnaires to data collecting from various sources, field work with tablets and direct connection to the database, data analyses and generation of reports for customers — companies have a convenient toolkit in one complex structure.

Functional capabilities of RESEARCH AND ANALYSIS SOFTWARE

  • Capability to define any question type;
  • Questionnaire design - linear scale, conditional, etc.;
  • Coding and entry of survey data from diverse sources;
  • Field work with a tablet: interviewer's identification; GRS coordinates determination, photo and video recordings;
  • Customer and interviewers' database, project management;
  • Participants database; Capability for participant selection for a specific survey according to a set of defined criteria;
  • Automated sending of invitations for survey participation;
  • Primary data processing, information on univariate data distributions, cross tables according to the values of specific parameters;
  • Data export in different formats, suitable for processing in other specialized type of software (e.g. SPSS);
  • Survey analyses and presenting the results to the customer.