Newsletter sending system

Lisso eMailer is a convenient and reliable automatic group e-mail sending system. It is suitable for online stores, schools and kindergartens, companies with large customer bases, companies engaged in email marketing.

The platform has a set of tools for reliably sending large volumes of e-mail, which are based on the best modern practices and protect you from being blacklisted. Delivery tracking is performed according to various feautures and criteria, and you have accurate information and statistics.

Reliable shipping and delivery tracking

  • Simple and elegant email design with message customization
  • Use predefined templates or define by drafting specific CSS Styles.
  • Customization through a system of specifically defined keys;
  • Ability to attach files and graphic images;
  • Recipient databases — organized in groups according to different criteria;
  • Data storage and processing in line with GDPR requirements;
  • Each email sent contains an option to unsubscribe from the recipient database;
  • Automated organization of the queue of emails to be sent — number of emails for a certain time;
  • Delivery tracking by various features and criteria, which provides accurate information and statistics.

Shared by our customers

We are grateful to Studio ITTI for the exceptional cooperation we have built over the years with mutual respect, driven by the desire for constant innovation. During this time, they earned our trust with their work, firmly rooted in high professionalism and excellent human qualities! Their talent, commitment, and enthusiasm are an important element of their daily activities! In the person of Studio ITTI, we see not only a good and precise partner, but an example that when someone does his work with so much dedication and desire, he cannot fail!

Kiril GeorgievExecutive Director @ PAC Doverie AD

As a school leader, the platform is user-friendly and allows me to access whatever I need to help with the smooth administration of the school.

Monitoring of planning, tests, grades, reports, payments, and attendance is made easy. I can also easily find information about the events taking place in the school, plan and record teacher training, make performance management more interactive, check information shared with parents or pupils, and have information about parents and pupils to hand.

Being able to send bespoke individual and group emails for parents, pupils, or staff and use the parent-teacher reservation system for meetings makes communication very easy and transparent.

I like that I have one dynamic place that stores everything for me.

Matthew OsbornHeadmaster @ British School of Sofia